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Pink Budding Lily Pad Olivia's Home Accent Washable Rug 22" x 32"


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Top 5 reasons to buy Olivia's Home Rugs:

1. Beautiful Images
2. Soft as Suede
3. Stitched Edge for a Finished Look
4. Machine Washable
5. Indoor/Outdoor

Your Olivia’s Home Accent Rug is going to become your favorite accent rug brand. We have a variety of themes all boasting colorful designs by our great artists.

Olivia’s Home accent rugs are made from recycled materials that have a uniquely brushed surface which provides a lovely suede like feel.

All Olivia’s Home rugs are also lock stitched around all edges to add a finished look and provide a layer of durability.

Wash your Olivia’s Home rug in cool or cold water and dry flat. Do not put in your dryer. Do no use bleach. Do not iron. You may use your Olivia’s Home rug outdoors. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will fade your rug over time, but rain won’t hurt it. When using indoors, we recommend a liner to provide slip resistance and protection for some flooring types.

Your Olivia’s Home rug is “Picture Perfect” so enjoy the beautiful style this accent piece can add to any room.


100% Polyester


22in x 32in